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{{Fish Data
#REDIRECT [[Aphanotorulus emarginatus]]
|name=Red Fin Thresher Pleco
|extra_common_names=L011, Red Fin Thresher Pleco, L108, L116
|species=Squaliforma emarginata
|extra_scientific_names=Hypostomus emarginatus
|caption=Red Fin Thresher Pleco
|habitat=South America
== Origin ==
:South America: Lower, middle and upper Amazon River basin.
|Category=Fish, Fish (Freshwater), Catfish, Plecos
== Pictures ==
== External links ==
*{{FishBase |id=25737}}
*[http://www.planetcatfish.com/common/species.php?species_id=750 Planet Catfish]

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